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Cyber Citizenship by NVG & CareerNet


Welcome to the Cyber Citizenship Course! With the rise in mobile internet and the popularity of devices such as smartphones, we are online more than we have ever been before. Recently more people than ever have been learning and working from home – our new normal. It is essential that you know how to use your internet-connected devices safely and securely.

A 10 module, 30 hour course complete with certification and e-badging designed for grades 7-10 for classroom or self directed environment. Students follow 4 characters students and IT professionals as they encounter challenges faced by users of social media, smartphone, internet and enterprise platforms. Quizzes, individual and group projects, video and audio reinforce important concepts towards interim learning goals and ultimately, Cyber Citizen certification. Created by CareerNet and Novus Group, this smartphone based course designed for Android and iPhone may be administered by teachers via simple ATS. Available in English and Arabic, this course may be additionally configured to meet cultural, school system and regional needs.